Words were my first love. Next to my work as a senior content editor at Philips, I blog about topics at the intersection of marketing, business, and psychology.
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Every photo is like a still from a story. Join me on a journey as I travel the globe to capture cities, landscapes, and the people that populate them.
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Less fluff. More substance. That's what I bring to the stage, with insights and stories drawn from my personal experiences at some of the world's largest corporations.
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In the business world, new hypes come and go. But you don't want the same tired tips and tricks, recycled over and over again. You want to make sense of it all.

Get a different perspective. Read my articles, personal stories, and interviews with marketing and business leaders from around the world.

How to turn your introversion into a strength (part 2 of 2)

How can you make the most of your strengths as an introvert, without depleting your battery in an attempt to keep up with the world around you? Here are some tips.

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How to turn your introversion into a strength (part 1 of 2)

Navigating yourself through life as an introvert can be daunting. But you can learn to turn your introversion into a strength as well. Here are a few tips.

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Why I am returning to B2B marketing

I am happy to take on a new role within Philips as of July 1, 2017. Here’s why I’m returning from B2C marketing to B2B marketing.

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Travel photography

Do you know that feeling when you see a photo and think to yourself: one day, I need to see this place with my own eyes?

I aspire to take that kind of photo.

Visit my gallery, find inspiration for the places you may want to explore, and discover the stories behind the photos (coming soon).

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