Professional writer

I work as a senior global content strategist, writer, and editor at Philips. Building on 16 years of experience in business-to-business marketing and communications at some of the world's biggest brands, I work with senior executives and subject matter experts to create thought leadership content on health technology innovation.

Neurodiversity speaker

As a neurodiversity speaker and advocate, I combine my lived experiences as an autistic person with organizational insights to educate people on the value of neurodiversity at work and to promote more inclusive work environments. I have given presentations on neurodiversity at a wide range of business and academic events, including Neurodiversity At Work, International HRC Square, Simply IC London, Utrecht University, and the Rotterdam School of Management.


Next to my work as a writer and speaker, I practice and teach photography. Whether it's in the desert of Namibia, the icefjords of Greenland, or the megacities of East Asia: I am always looking for compositions that capture stillness in the rush of life. My work has been awarded in the International Photography Awards, the Prix de la Photographie Paris, and the Fine Art Photography Awards.

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Capturing moments of stillness in the rush of life.

Visit my photography website