My mission is to help create a world where every mind can thrive, by educating people and organizations on the power of neurodiversity. I do this through writing, speaking and photography.

My passion for neurodiversity stems from my lived experience being autistic. There are many hurdles I had to overcome in life towards understanding, accepting, and ultimately appreciating my differences. I now want to ease this path for others. And I believe organizations stand to gain a lot from embracing neurodiversity, too. Because together, we see more. And it’s often the ones who think differently who can spark innovation and progress.

In my work as a neurodiversity advocate and educator, I combine lived experience with organizational insights acquired over 16 years working as a communicator in leading international companies, including Deloitte and Philips. I founded and lead the Philips Neurodiversity Network, a global Employee Resource Group (ERG) with over 500 members that is dedicated to making Philips a place where every mind can thrive.

I have presented on neurodiversity at a wide range of business and academic events, including Neurodiversity At Work, International HRC Square, Simply IC London, Utrecht University, and the Rotterdam School of Management.

Next to writing and speaking, I am also an avid landscape and cityscape photographer who captures scenes of stillness in the rush of life. My work as a photographer has been awarded in the International Photography Awards (2019), the Fine Art Photography Awards (2018, 2022, 2023), and the Prix de la Photographie Paris (2019). You can check out my work as a photographer here.

I live in the Netherlands and have a Master’s degree in psychology from Leiden University.

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